Welcome all Creative Crones!

Having worked together in the corporate world for many years, we have shared our creativity with each other, given the other kudos and constructive criticism, and general encouragement many, many times.  We are constantly sharing inspiration, encouragement, and our frustrations. Ultimately we decided that we needed a new outlet; one that where we could not only share with each other, but to share with any other like-minded, adventurous, creative people who aren’t afraid to try something new.

Here’s what you should expect from us: A little bit of everything!  Expect posts on cooking, baking, writing, sewing, crochet, kid crafts, book reviews, movie/TV show reviews, you name it! We each enjoy a variety of things, and we plan to share it all.

Check out our bios to find out more about us and what are interests are.  We hope you find something on our site that peaks your interests. At the very least, we hope we make you chuckle a time or two.